LayerFused Owners Club

The LayerFused Owners Club is recognition of your achievement of building a LayerFused printer. Registered owners receive their own serial number for their build and can participate in special events, contests, special offers and more.

Build Registration

Registration of your build is absolutely free. You can start by posting your build on the LayerFused Reddit group and using the post flar "Serial Request". Once you have completed that you simply need to fill out the registration form and you will be contacted once your information is received and processed. Unlike other programs, the LayerFused Owners Club is open to all LayerFused builds regardless of how you sourced the parts.


Every registered owner of a LayerFused printer will have a unique serial number for their build per model. Optionally you can purchase an aluminum plaque for your printer which is hand made just like your 3D Printer. Each plaque is hand stamped with your serial number and shipped directly to you.


Membership in the LayerFused Owners club brings with it a number of benefits.
  • Unique Serial Number & Optional Build Plaque
  • Members only contests that allow you to compete for prizes and LayerFused swag.
  • Members only events and content just for you.
  • Special offers on LayerFused merchadise and discounted offers from our partners.